Meadowood Wellness 2020 - Full Stacked L
Empowering Mamas To Fill Up Their Cup, Diminish Limiting Beliefs & Harness their Inner Badass!

I'm Katie and I'm a lover of everything natural! 

 I've always had a love for the amazing healing power that nature can provide for us.  I fell in love with herbal medicine years ago and have a deep passion for whole body wellness. With each passing season, I enjoy many forms of natural medicine that support and nourish my body.  In addition to healthy eating and proper supplementation, taking care of my body with daily exercise and personal development rituals helps me to maintain balance. My hope is to be able to empower you to care for yourself with the education and tools you need to live your best life. My goal is to guide you on your wellness journey and help you to take control of your health with a major focus on supporting your mind-body connection.  Together, we will walk a path toward whole body enlightenment. 

I can't wait for you to embark on the adventure to becoming the best version of yourself! 

Love & Light,