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Your mindset Magic Starts here

Intuitive Guide  | Reiki Practitioner | Herbalist | Wellness Strategist | Business CoACH  
Meet Amelia

Hi, I'm Katie! 

And I'm gonna help you amplify your life! 

Seriously, babe -- I'm so glad you're here! 

You've landed on my website because something is calling you to take your life to the next level.  To welcome in abundance in all aspects of your world. To heal your trauma and banish your limiting mindset. Doing these things will allow you to become the best version of yourself-- and guess what?  I'm here for it! 

I've studied countless subjects in the health + mindset realm, and I take all of my learnings to teach you how to fill up your cup and harness your inner badass!  

We have one life to live, and what a blessing it is to have this amazing vessel we call our body to live this life in! Let me help you heal your mind-body connection and clear any stagnant energy you have so you can enhance your life experience.  Together we will walk the path toward enlightenment !


I can't wait to meet you ! 


Love, Light & Abundance, 




Why Should You Consider Working With An Intuitive Healer ? 

It can help with

Your Mood

Gratitude daily can help to immensely shift your mood.  Together we can create an amazing gratitude practice to keep you elevated! 

Your Health

Happy life = better health.  When we shift your mindset and support the mind-body connection, you'll notice changes in your health.  From weight loss to anxiety and depression support, intuitive healing has the power to aid you in releasing stuck trauma in your body so you can flow free. 


When our chakras are blocked, we can hold toxins in our body.  I help to support you to clear your energy while educating you on toxin-free living and balanced nutrition to clean your system naturally. 

Diminishing Self Doubt & Limiting Belief 

Limiting mindset & self doubt are things we all deal with.  These pesky states of mind hold us back from reaching our full potential.  The fact is, in this life, the sky is the limit.  Working with a mindset coach to lay out your full potential and life's purpose using astrology charting, can help you to reach your goals.  

Monetary Abundance 

If you're looking to bring more money into your life, daily manifestation ritual and strategic guidance can support that.  Let me help you develop a plan to hit your goals. 


Having a good daily ritual will set you up for a stress free life. Together we will build a morning ritual with meditation, affirmations and beyond to allow you to be stress free. 

Love Letters 

"When someone impacts me & adds some serious value to my life I can’t keep them a secret. This woman has dedicated her life to helping women achieve true, encompassing wholistic wellness in mind & body health - with a particular passion helping mothers learn how to function at their maximum health so they can pass that to their children.  Not once has she tried to sell me on anything - but as a caring friend she has responded immediately to all my cascade of wellness questions. We witnessed my 2 year old daughter’s insanely inflamed, chronic eczema completely disappear and not return. We’ve found exactly what supplements to stack our cabinet with to get our immune system in tip top shape - none of which she got profit from but was genuinely happy to share her wealth of knowledge, experience & research. She’s one of the good ones y’all - certified and trained to coach & guide anyone in their healing journey.

If you need any guidance in this way, add this mama on Facebook and stalk her content haha It’s added so much value and I’m indebted to Katie Lauver for where we’ve come in our family’s health journey.  Thanks girl!"

— Becky Aste 

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