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Create A Life OF Freedom

Financial Freedom, Location Freedom, Time Freedom 

Step into your power as a mompreneur 

Children grow so quickly.

I feel like I literally blinked and all of a sudden my baby was a full grown kid. As I'd rock him and stare at his sweet face, I could see the little baby hairs at his hairline under his big boy curls. Gripping him gently as he fell asleep in my arms, I thought to myself, " I don't ever want to let these moments pass me by."  Guess what, mama ? You don't have to...



Step OnE: Create Your Personal Brand 

Creating a personal brand is as simple as being YOU on your social media accounts. Post about things you love to do with your family, share inspirational thoughts, be vulnerable and relatable to your niche and you will automatically call in your soul tribe.  Showcasing your true, authentic self online is how you use attraction marketing to bring people TO you versus you reaching out and spamming others.  Creating a personal brand doesn't have to be hard and it shows people that you can be a successful entrepreneur by getting paid to be YOU! 

Step two: Partner with a high profit affiliate offer

Partnering with a high profit affiliate offer means finding a. product that aligns with your beliefs, that you want to share with your audience, while making top dollar income.  No more spamming your friends to buy your stuff -- instead, share your lifestyle, attract your audience and show them how your life has changed utilizing this amazing household item.  Our affiliate partner is Enagic, the maker of the Kangen Water machine, the Anespa shower filter and Ukon turmeric.  With only three products in their product suite, it's easy to share these products and one sale has the potential to make you thousands of dollars.  If you've ever been part of a network marketing company where you sell multiple items ranging from $15-$100 to make only $2.00-$20 commission, those days are over. Enagic's patented compensation plan allows you to create sustainable, high value income in no time.  In addition, they offer legacy income, meaning that you have the opportunity to qualify for a $5k payout each month for the rest of your life which can be put in your will to your children -- badass, right? 

kangen machine 1.jpg
Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Step three: Automation 

If you desire time freedom, then you must put processes in place to automate your business.  Through social media ad's, community flyers / networking and online platforms, the resources are endless to drive people to your business versus going out and searching for leads. I have many resources to help you put automation in place and truly live a life of time freedom.  

What are you waiting for?
Your virtual business is calling you! 

As a mindset coach, I'm here to support you every step of the way to creating the dream life you desire.  Your dreams are not too big and your babies are waiting for you to be with them fully.  If you're ready to take radical action in your life for yourself and your family, if you're ready to be part of something bigger than yourself, if you're ready to support your health, your families health and the health of others while making an income you can live off of, then reach out! I'm waiting for you, sis and I'm here to hold you accountable to crushing your goals.  Get ready to harness your inner badass and step into your power as a leader.  You were meant to shine. 

I'm looking For mamas who are serious about creating income from home 

If you're serious about considering starting your high-profit income journey from the comfort of your home, then click below to get started! 

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