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Kangen Water 

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La Loba: reconnect with your inner wolf woman 

An 8-Week Group Container To Reconnect With Yourself 

"There are no thoughts more powerful than a woman determined to rise"

There is no competition amongst wild women, as we have the moods of the moon, the spirit of the sun and the will of the wild. Together, as a collective, we support one another to become the happiest version of ourselves and truly connect with our inner wolf woman.


La Loba is the place for you to reconnect with yourself and get back on track to establishing healthy, daily ritual while sitting amongst your sisters and sharing in collective, positive energy.   


Theres an old legend that talks about a woman living in the mountains on sacred land. La Loba, the bone woman, is a sacred mother of the earth who collects the bones of animals; especially the bones of wolves.  

The legend states that when she collected enough bones to make an entire wolf, she laid the bones out in the shape of the wolf's body and began to sing over them.  As she sang, the wolf came to life, growing flesh and fur and began to breathe. Once the wolf was complete and alive, it ran off into the horizon and each time the moonlight or sunlight shone on it, it transformed into a woman - powerful and strong, the true divine feminine.  

This tale reminds us that we as women have a deep inner strength to bring our dreams and hearts desires into fruition.  That we have the power to breathe life into ourselves to create massive change to live life to the highest degree. 

I welcome you to awaken your inner wolf woman, babe. It's your turn. 

The Story Of La Loba 

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reconnect With Yourself

 At times, we can feel as though we have fallen off our path.  Like we've disconnected with ourselves and our purpose.  This is totally normal as we navigate our true calling in this life; but, how do you get back to your journey?  How do you reground and create space for yourself to accomplish your bigger goals?  La Loba supports women who have done the inner work before, but maybe need some deeper structure and accountability to jump back into their ritual and reconnect with themselves. 

Bond With Your Sisters 

Sister circles are a powerful way to support your journey as no one is ahead or behind, instead, we are all equal.  When women gather in circle, the energy is amplified and the healing is intense allowing each woman to feel supported and cared for in a safe space where they can share and be held.  In La Loba, although you will be doing the module content on your own, you will have access to a group of other women doing the work alongside you.  As your hearts are connected, this soul tribe will have a safe group space to share with one another, offer support and network to create long-lasting friendships if so desired.  You'll feel the magic within you increase as you connect with each others divine feminine.  

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Elevate Your power

As you go through the course and connect with the collective, you'll create a strong foundation for accessing your full potential. With me as your guide and your sisters by your side, you're sure to reach the next milestone in your enlightenment journey.  You'll feel empowered and ready to take on your larger goals, whether that's creating your own business, advancing your career or standing firmer in your power in other aspects of your life.  La Loba will leave you feeling refreshed, dynamic and ready to tackle anything! 

It's time for you to resurrect your wolf woman!

Are you ready to connect with like-minded souls and advance your daily ritual for success?  Are you ready to lean in and do the self healing you need to grow to the next level in your journey?  If the answer is yes, then La Loba is for you! 

Program details 

Work with me, in an intimate group setting for 8-weeks to reconnect with yourself, re-establish routine & amplify your power!


The Course Modules: 

Module 1: 

Awaken Your Inner She-Wolf: The basics of creating daily ritual 

Module 2: 

Strengthening Your Wolf Bones: Creating systems to crush your goals 

Module 3:  

Running With The Moon: Living your life in cyclical harmony  

Module 4: 

Connecting Your Inner Wolf To The Earth: Clearing your field & grounding techniques for times of chaos



Module 5: 

Embrace Your Howl: Stepping into the identity of who you want to be 

Module 6: 
Devour Your Prey : Eliminating self doubt & saying bye, bye to the haters  

Module 7: 

Finding Your Pack : Networking 101 & surrounding yourself with like-minded souls  
Module 8: 
Becoming La Loba : Putting your practices into place and becoming the wolf-woman 

Plus, You'll Get: 

  • Access to our private group for connecting with others in the container where I will drop in to support

  • VIP option available which include 3 - 1 : 1 sessions with me  

  • Group Reiki healing session

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Oracle card readings for the collective 

  • And, graduates of La Loba will receive a discount on my 1 : 1 program Vitality or my business coaching program launching FALL 2023 ! 


In 8-weeks, you're guaranteed to have a more established routine and will have a strong foundation for making shifts in your life to reach your bigger goals.  Feel like you're needing to start at square-one with more guided 1:1 work?  Check out my 1:1 program, Vitality! 

Listen To Katie talk about La Loba 

La Loba Invitation Katie Lauver
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Group Dance

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