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Kangen Water 

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Vitality: A Holistic lifestyle rejuvenation

3-Months Of Targeted Support To Create Long Lasting Change 

"You deserve the world. even if it means Giving it to yourself" - R.H. Sin 


As mamas, we are constantly pulled in a million directions, always putting focus on our children, our partners, our career or our homes.  We feel obligated to come last, because, if we haven't given 150% to our families, what have we really done? Am I right? 

I'm here to tell you, that it's your turn to be first. 

Maybe you're not a mama, but if you're a woman looking to take control back in her life, then Vitality is for you! 



Fill Up Your Cup

Self-love is crucial to being the best you can be for your family.  When your cup isn't full, you have nothing but vapor to give to your loved ones.  This results in tension, resentment and worst of all, dips in our health.  The mind-body connection is crucial to our overall health, and if you've distanced yourself from that connection, you will find physical ailments popping up like weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression, auto-immune disease and beyond. 


Support For all Paths

As a wellness guide, I support you to restore your health and clear your buried trauma.  I act as your own personal cheerleader, encouraging and inspiring you through the up's and down's of life.  You may request to work with me because you desire to loose weight or support your anxiety or get clarity on what your next steps are in this beautiful life -- but in order to achieve the enlightenment you seek, you must first heal the mind-body connection.



Eliminate Self Doubt & Harness Your Inner Badass 

I use evidence-based conversation and strategies to safely help and encourage you to make conscious changes in your life that support your health.  By making adjustments in your day-to-day routine, creating a practice of self-love, releasing trauma, enhancing your nutrition and increasing intentional body movement, you can achieve superior health and total body wellness in a natural way. 

It's time, mama. Lean on me to lift you up and help you reach your true potential. 

It's Your turn, babe

Are you ready to dive deep into your soul and do the heart-work to heal yourself?  Are you excited to have more clarity, be more mindful and love yourself again?   Are you tired of searching for ways to feel better, less anxious, happier, stronger and healthier? 

If you're a total hell yes, then this is your time, sis. I'm so excited to take you on a journey to being the best version of yourself.  Together we will focus on creating a lifestyle that will help you cultivate all your deepest desires. 

I'm so proud of you for taking the first step to focus on yourself and embody true Vitality!  I'm excited for  you to step into your power to make your dreams comes true! 

Program details 

Work with me, 1:1 for 3 months to set a solid foundation for total body verdure. 


What you get: 

- 13- 1:1 sessions where we work together to release self doubt and break through limiting mindset as we support the mind-body connection.


- Content on how to conduct shadow work, manifestation basics, measuring your circle of life, discussions on living your life cyclically and honing in on your cycle (even if you don't have a period!), releasing relationships, detoxing your life, body movement plan, honing in on nutrition and food-based supplementation and so much more! 

- Guided meditations 

- Oracle card readings & animal totem spread

- Birth code reveal to find your true purpose and human design guidance 

- Reiki sessions  

- Daily journal prompts 

- Affirmation guide 

- Private chat channel for connecting throughout our time together 

- Discount to graduates for my group program La Loba or my business coaching program, Flourish! 


In 3 months, you're guaranteed to feel better about yourself and will have a strong foundation for making positive choices about your overall wellness moving forward. 

Image by Irene Dávila

Ready To Reserve Your Spot? 


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