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Frequency Healing

Experience Increased Wellbeing & Vitality 

The Healy is an FDA approved medical device that is used for the treatment of pain and mental illness such as depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.  In addition to providing relief from common ailments, the Healy supports bringing your cells back to their healthy voltage.  

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Frequency Therapy 

The voltage potential, i.e., the difference between the voltage inside the cell and the voltage between the cells, is responsible for healthy (physiological) cell metabolism. this mechanism explains why frequencies can be applied for many different purposes and disorders.

Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists. The safety of this method has been proven by many studies and decades of experience, which have been confirmed by thousands of applications from our own practitioners.

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Learn how the healy can support total body wellness 

In this nine minute video you will learn how the Healy frequency device can quickly and easily restore your cells to their normal voltage.  This device is handheld, can we worn daily and can be used virtually to provide total body support!  

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