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Get Started With Your Kangen Machine

A Point Of Use System That Will Support Overall Health 

Electrify Your Health & Wellness

Are you ready to take the next steps to purchasing your medical grade, water machine?

The Kangen Water Machine will allow you to utilize the seven different types of pH balanced water to do virtually everything in your home.  

2 . 5 pH Water
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Hypochlorous acid is the body's natural immune fighter and is produced in white blood cells. This anti-microbial ingredient is found in our 2.5 pH acidic water and will kill 99.9% of germs and is non-toxic to animals and humans. Use it to disinfect surfaces, wash hands with it as an antibacterial soap, utilize on cuts, burns, infections & yeast! Great for sore throats, pink eye, nail fungus, dental hygiene and more! 

6 . 0 pH Water

Most source waters in developed countries are highly processed with chemicals and sit around a neutral pH of 7.0. 


The skins healthy, natural pH is between 5.4 -6.0 pH which is slightly acidic. This is why acidic water is an effective, natural way to return the skin and hair to its natural pH.  

Use the water as hair conditioner, facial toner or to revive plants. This water is great to spray on food prior to freezing to retain flavor or boil pasta or eggs.  6.0 pH water is perfect for window cleaner, fabric softener or hardwood floor/ tile cleaner.   

7 . 0 pH Water

This water is neutral pH water. Use this water for daily drinking, taking medicine or making baby formula. 

8 . 5 pH / 9 . 0 ph / 1 1 . 5 ph Water

Enagic's machines produce filtered, electrolyzed reduced water for drinking ranging from 8.5 - 9.5 pH. The internal filter removes lead, remaining chlorine, effluvium, rust and other impurities yet maintains the essential minerals required for ionization.  

Water in its natural state is H2O. When selecting 8.5, 9.0 or 9.5 pH options on an Enagic machine, the two hydrogen atoms become unstable from the "O" and bond together and become H2 or molecular hydrogen.  H2 is commonly known as a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant in the body. 

Kangen water produced through a process of electrolysis which separates the positive and negative ions creating oxidized and alkalized water.  Kangen water has a high negative charge or ORP which means it can help reduce oxidative stress in the body. 

Unlike bottled alkaline water, which is created by adding minerals to the water, Kangen water is produced through the process of electrolysis, using the existing minerals like calcium and magnesium already in the water.  These are then distilled to their mineral form for optimal absorption yet there is no risk of mineral build up in the body. 

This water is great for many things such as reducing acidosis in the body (acidosis is the root cause of all disease), cooking (makes pasta more fluffy and enhances flavors), Weight loss (most people are dehydrated, not hungry. Drink this prior to eating meals), Spider veins (this water has cellular repairing benefits!) and so much more! This water hydrates on a cellular level and is the only water allowed through TSA at the airport as it is considered medical grade water! 

1 1 . 5 pH Water

Strong alkalized water is a degreaser and emulsifier most commonly used for removing oils and pesticides from fruits and vegetables.  It can be used as a household cleaner, laundry liquid, personal care and more! 

Drinking this before bed helps release melatonin for a great nights sleep! It's perfect for puffy eyes, makeup remover, allergies, colds and snoring.  Soak your rice and beans in it, perfect for stains, indigestion, gut issues, bug repellent, sunburn, bites and more!  

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