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Welcome to the party, friend !

Hey, there and welcome! I'm so glad you've stumbled into my space. I'm Katie; a true Gemini that's passionate about helping others to live the life of their dreams! I talk to much, am constantly laughing, love food and music and being in nature is a staple for my wellbeing. I have many titles in this life, but mama is my favorite!

I'm so excited for you to be here. Your life is going to change if you immerse yourself in this space. I promise!

Yes ... I'm wearing one shoe

If I could paint a picture of what I want this online community to feel like, it would be a warm and cozy room with lots of natural light. The walls would be lined with bookshelves, plants and an open, glass-front herbal medicine chest for your viewing pleasure. There would be a comfortable corner with floor pillows for meditation and an essential oil diffuser emitting the smell of frankincense -- the perfect spot to breathe in hope and exhale doubt.

A small tea bar with all the herbal blends imaginable for your indulgence would be positioned next to a tiny kitchen for concocting whole food recipes. Imagine a comfy couch -- one of those ones you sink into just a little bit, and can feel the calming energy of the person who was sitting there before. It would have tribal print blankets thrown across the corners and two eclectic arm chairs would be positioned in front of it with a hand-made wooden coffee table separating the space between them. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

This relaxed yet centered space is your playground. A place for you to learn about yourself and how you can take control of your health both on and off the plate. This space is for you. This space will empower you to be the best version of yourself and help you walk down the path to enlightenment. I'm here for you. I'm here to support you on your journey and will help you to learn and add easy to implement techniques to your daily routine to harness your inner wellness guru. So, what are you waiting for?! Jump around this site and see what calls your name. I can't wait to see what your drawn to!

I hope you enjoy your time here. If I can support you in any way, please reach out. It's my mission to educate you on holistic living and show you how you can feel your best, every day, from head to toe.

Love & Light, Katie

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