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Are you poisoning yourself with your water

Bottled water, spring water, tap water from the city or a private well; these are all forms of water delivery to our bodies that most people utilize. But, with micro-plastics, bacteria, heavy metals and beyond in these options, consuming water the traditional way, just isn't safe.

What if I told you there's a better way to get your drinking water? What if I told you that you could easily provide your family, your children and your pets with a better alternative to our traditional water consumption methods? Would you switch your water delivery method or would you keep poisoning yourself and your loved ones? My hope is you would make the switch -- and I'm here to tell how you can get safe drinking water in your system. Water that provides you with antioxidants, balances your body by providing you with alkalinity and can save you money by eliminating the need to buy laundry detergent, household cleaners and beyond.

Sound too good to be true? Read on, my friend, because I'm about to blow your mind!


Drinking water is vital to our health; as water aids in digestion, detoxes our bodies, and provides hydration to our cells. Staying hydrated is critical, as our bodies are made up of 75% water. When it comes to the type of water we are consuming though, not all water is created equal. This is a fact that many don't know and often times people think that because they have a private well, whole house filtration system or spring to drink from, they're in the clear. News flash -- you're not!

Most household water is filled with contaminants. From heavy metals to bacteria to chemicals like chlorine, the majority of tap water has room for improvement. When people hear this they often turn to bottled water; but, sadly, bottled water is not the answer as it's filled with micro-plastics and has often tested positive for mold and bacteria. In addition, bottled water is a huge drain on our environment, as there's an estimated 1500 plastic bottles consumed every second. Where do those bottles end up? The ocean, sides of highways and other places in our environment.

When you take a deeper look at your tap water, whether you're on a well, spring or have city water, the amount of contaminants is alarming. Personally, we have a spring, and after looking up our neighborhoods water report, I was floored to see that there were 12 detected contaminants all linked to cancer and one of them was 19x the recommended amount!

35 years ago the U.S. passed the Safe Drinking Water Act and that bill hasn't been reviewed since! This means that with all the updated knowledge we have now, this bill fails to actually protect us from some very obvious threats. And those of you on well water -- take a look at the bacteria and heavy metal content in there! I highly suggest getting a water test conducted on your well as you will find that many wells contain E.Coli, Radon, VOC's, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals that have entered the well through surface water runoff.

So what do you do when it seems that there is virtually no option to obtain clean drinking water? You invest in your health by obtaining the tools you need to get the cleanest drinking water possible! Queue the Kangen Water Machine by Enagic.


We purchased our Kangen machine late last year (Oct 2020) and it was the best investment we made for our health that year. After researching many ionizers and taking a deep look at this company, I finally took the leap and snagged ours.

This water ionizer allows us to change the pH of our water in seven different ways, delivering micro-clustered, hydrogen rich, antioxidant filled water to our cells daily. This water is able to hydrate us better and truly deliver cellular healing to our bodies each time we take a sip.

Not only does this machine filter out Chlorine and a few other harsh chemicals, but it also has over 100 uses to help us as a family go green. We use a combination of the 11.5 pH Alkaline water and the 2.5 pH Acidic water as laundry detergent. Nothing works better to brighten whites and eliminate stains! The 2.5 pH water on its own does wonders for sanitizing surfaces, making your own chemical free hand sanitizer, a quick on the go deodorant, sterilizer for your toothbrushes or utilize for wound care -- bye, bye chemical based, antibiotic ointment!

The 6.0 pH beauty water is an amazing, natural astringent and has helped to tone my face and reduce breakouts. This water is also perfect for using in place of conditioner as it reduces tangles, brings out a glossy shine and makes your hair super soft! Although the 6.0 pH water is great for beauty tasks, it has many other uses as well. This pH of water matches rain water and is perfect for watering your plants! Want to keep your frozen meat fresh and its flavor in tact? Spray the 6.0 pH water on it before bagging it up and freezing it!

The 7.0 pH clean water is perfect for clean drinking during meals, taking pills, mixing baby formula and beyond and the 8.5 pH - 9.5 pH water is high alkaline water used for drinking, preparing meals and restoring freshness to plants that need a little boost! This water is the one you want to include daily into your routine as this is the sweet spot of alkalinity to clean those cell receptor sites and bring your body to a state of homeostasis.


We have absolutely loved having our machine as its been an aid in helping us get over any sniffle faster, supported our gut health and has increased our hydration levels drastically. Don't forget the fact that it's the worlds most powerful antioxidant as one cup of Kangen water is equivalent to eating 1000 blueberries! Hellooooo, beautiful skin and healthy organs, bye, bye wrinkles and toxins!

If you're looking to boost your health, go green and save money on chemical based products, the Kangen machine is your one-stop-shop for all of this and more. Meadowood Wellness gives this medical grade device (FDA and USDA approved water for wound care and more!) 10 out 10 stars! Jump on the wagon to living healthier and snag your Kangen. I promise, you won't be sorry.

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