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Keys To Manifesting Your Dreams

I always wondered how some people just seemed to have it all. Not that I have ever felt ungrateful for my own blessings, or that I didn't have what I need, but more so curious as to how some folks just always seemed to have their business dreams come true, their life in total order, their love with their partner be so passionate and a sense of peace on earth about their every move. This dream world that they live in looks so divine and everything literally seems to fall in their lap without a single sense of struggle. But how? How are these dream weavers creating this life of total abundance without massive struggle? Queue manifestation and mindset shift work.


First, let's get it straight. Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- just falls into someones lap. Everything has a price. Whether time, sacrifice of something, money or even death, everything in this world costs. The lives we see on social media are always painted much prettier than they actually are and the people traveling the world, living totally free, often worked incredibly hard to get there or are riding on someone else's dime. That being said, there are some beautiful beings out there, that I've had the personal privilege of getting to know, that truly are living their dream life and it all came from the power of divine work. It came from really honing in on their why and calling upon the universe to help them be successful, and when I learned how to do this myself, my world completely changed.

In 2019 I decided I was going to let go. I was going to do whatever it took to make my dreams come true. As someone living with total fear mindset in many areas of my life, I realized that I needed to let go. That without shifting my mindset to burn through this fear, I was going nowhere. I was constantly holding on to my money, never spending much on myself, always on others. I knew I had divine power, but quieted it often. I held back from fully intentional earth work, scared what people would think of me and I struggled to find the balance I was looking for -- balance between "normal life" and other worldly action. In January of that year I decided enough was enough, and I fully stepped into my calling. The moment I started working with the earths energy even more intentionally was the moment everything shifted and it's the reason why my spiritual ass is finally feeling fulfilled. And guess what sis? You have the power to shift your world too, and today is a powerful day to do so!

Today, on August 8th, we will be slipping into the new moon! New moon rituals are crucial to manifesting your dreams and this new moon is especially powerful due to the fact that it occurs in the fire sign of Leo AND it's the Lions Gate Portal. Leo with this new moon is a sign of creation and self-expression -- a sign of abundance and welcoming in renewal. The Lions Gate Portal occurs every year around August 8th and is considered a portal because it is a time when the sun is in Leo and the star Sirius aligns with earth. This means that there is going to be some amazing new energy today and that the birth of new ideas, new beginnings and self expression are heightened. If you've been feeling like a shift in your mindset is happening or your more motivated now than ever to tackle something you've been wanting to tackle -- there's a reason, my friend.

This energy is powerful, and when we open ourselves up to it and let go of what others will think of us for creating ritual around these special earthly times, we start to truly welcome abundance into our lives. In this eighth month of the year, we use the beautiful Leo power to tap into our strength, self expression, courage and heart center. This is a time to truly call in what you're looking for. Whether guidance, love, career shift, business success, health or wealth -- whatever it is you're looking for, today is the day to bring it to light!

So, how do you call these beautiful intentions in? How do you manifest all you desire? Take time to be with yourself and express on paper all the things you want and wish it into the universe. Follow my new moon ritual guide to truly work with the energy around you and set an intention to make this moon cycle your most powerful yet. During this time you can:

  • Meditate and tap into yourself

  • Nourish your body with clean water and fresh food

  • Step back from technology for a bit

  • Spend time outside with bare feet on the ground, truly connecting to mama Gaia

  • Rest and consider spending some time laying outside, truly feeling the elements around you

  • Write what you would like to heal and welcome into your life and truly believe in it as your writing

Today is a day of total transformation, and you're going to make big waves. Love yourself a little more today, know that you're worthy of everything and anything you desire. Believe in your dreams and tap into the amazing energy around you. I promise you, boo, you're worth it and the stars think so too!

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