Your Path To Wellness 

Take A Journey To Be The Best Version Of Yourself 
Make lasting changes to enhance your life and become a healthier you! 

    What If you had the guidance to live a totally balanced and healthy life?

     How would you feel on a daily basis?  What would you do with your new found energy, clarity and sense of calm?  How could living a happy, healthy and supercharged life change your future? 


   Are you ready to make a change? 

     Are you ready to enhance your life and start your journey toward whole body wellness?  If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place. 


   Meadowood Wellness is dedicated to changing the way we think about our wellbeing.  With a desire to help you reach full body verdure, my program focuses on the food both on and off your plate; your nutrition and your mental wellness. 


I'm passionate about providing you with the education and tools you need to make informed decisions for your health.  My goal is to empower you to be an advocate for yourself and make lasting changes to help you reach your full potential.    


   With a primary focus on women's wellness, specifically catering to mothers, I utilize a holistic approach focusing on supporting the mind + body together so that you can have the energy you need to be the powerhouse of your realm.     

Healthy mamas birth healthy babies. 

    And healthy babies become healthy children, who eventually take your teachings and pass them on to their own kids one day.  You are the cornerstone of your child's wellness.  I want to teach you how to care for yourself, and in turn your family, so that you can spend more days enjoying the sunshine and less days at the doctor's office. Together, we can create a ripple effect, empowering more and more people to focus on their health, change their ways and end the disease epidemic in our country. 

So, are you ready? 

   If you're ready to live your best life then reach out to me and let's start your journey toward enlightenment!  Book your free 30 minute consultation and let's see how we can work together to help you evolve into the best version of yourself.  

Choose Your Path

Whether you're visiting the site for health coaching, doula services, education or all three; choose the path you wish to take and get ready for a life-changing journey. 

Once you know why you're here, reach out to me so I can help you make a plan to start your journey toward feeling well. 

Be Well

After you've worked with me, you will have the tools you need to make healthier decisions for your life and in-turn can achieve total body wellness. 

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