VITALITY: A Holistic Lifestyle Rejuvenation For Mama's

3 Months Of Targeted Support To Build Long-Lasting Change 

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Take A Journey Toward Health Enlightenment

Feel your best with increased energy, mental clarity and physical endurance 

Work with me, 1:1, for 3 months to set a solid foundation for total body verdure. During our time together we will set goals and work toward creating a routine for yourself to feel your absolute best! 


What you get: 

- Accountability To Meet Your Goals 
- Unlimited Messaging Support 

- A 1-Hour Call Each Week (13 hours of calls!)

- Meal Plan 

- Fitness Routine 

- Supplementation and Herbal Medicine Guidance 

- Mental Wellness Support 

- Personal Development Exercises 

- Guided Meditation 

- Intuitive readings 

- Breath work 

and much more! 


In 3 months, you're guaranteed to feel better about yourself and will have a strong foundation for making positive choices about your wellness moving forward. 

Interested in getting started?  Book your discovery call to get your questions answered and see if I'm the right fit for you and your needs [ I know we will be great together!] .  

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Erin, Mama Bear

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Katie is. Not only is she wonderful health coach but also a wonderful mother and friend.

I had my son this past year and was finding it hard to create a healthy balance with this new lifestyle. Once I decided to reach out to Katie for guidance and a solid health routine my life changed dramatically. 


She helped me find something for myself, which is so important for new moms.  She was the motivation I needed to stay on track and also was understanding to all the things I was experiencing as a new mom.
Katie makes you feel so comfortable that you feel like you have known her your whole life; she is such a genuine person.

I can not thank her enough and would not have been able to get through this first year without her help. If you are looking for guidance to a create healthy lifestyle, Katie is your go to. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything Katie.


Amy, Wellness Warrior

For me, the hardest part of embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey is getting started. Knowing what to do, what to eat, how to stay engaged and motivated is so tough!


What I discovered is that I need accountability and guidance to stay on track. Katie is absolutely the solution to this problem! Yes, she is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements, holistic health and fitness. But knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting and staying healthy.


Katie is an amazing motivator! Not in a stern, bootcamp drill sergeant kind of way. She has this super fun, positive energy that you can't help but absorb. She leads by example and is completely genuine in her desire to help people thrive. It's so encouraging and contagious, you will find yourself staying on track to attain your goals.


Katie is an absolute joy to work with. It could not be more clear that in her coaching role, she is doing what she loves and is meant to do!


Shenelle, Devoted Wife 

Katie gave me great tips and advice  when I needed to get my husband back on track with his health.  After speaking with Katie and adding in the supplementation she recommended, along with joining her free Facebook Wellness Community, his battle with anxiety and depression has lessened over the past few months.


Katie is truly wonderful and even with all that is going on her busy life, she stays consistent with offering new tips and strategies for us to try. Not only are the things she recommends all natural, they are affordable as well.   

We love her Wellness Community as we can log on to Facebook daily and see new health challenges, dietary suggestions and general wellness tips!  We thought of ourselves as healthy individuals, but upon joining the group I saw that I was definitely missing out on a lot.

Healthy life lets go ! 

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Discover The Secrets To Feel Your Best  

It's never too late to start living well. 

If you're ready to jump in and get started on your wellness journey, fill out my application today.  Spots are limited in order to allow dedicated time to our sessions.

I work with women who are ready to take action and move toward their goals.  Together, we will create a holistic lifestyle to get you increased energy, mental clarity, enhanced mood and physical endurance.  

One decision can change everything.  Shift your mindset and start shaping your life.  The journey is yours, take charge of it.